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Questions, comments, and any information you might wish to share about George Whalley can be sent to Michael John DiSanto. He is especially interested in obtaining copies of Whalley's letters. Currently, he is preparing a selection of Whalley's wartime letters and a new edition of his poetry. He plans to make a new collection of Whalley's essays. He will also write a biography. His contact information is as follows:

Michael John DiSanto, PhD
Department of English
Algoma University
1520 Queen Street East
Sault Ste Marie, Ontario
Canada P6A 2G4

Office Phone: 1-705-949-2301 ex 4347
Fax Number: 1-705-949-6583

The webmaster for this site is:

Robin Isard
Systems Librarian
Wishart Library
Algoma University

The work of Alana Fletcher, PhD, in co-editing Selected Poems of George Whalley: A Digital Edition was twice funded by Editing Modernism in Canada PhD Stipends.

Seven year-long internships have been funded by the Northern Ontario Heritage Fund Corporation for this study:

Courtney Mathison-Bielak (2013-14)
Samantha Koshowski (2014-15)
Kathleen Oliver (2015-16)
Kaitlyn Pottekkat (2016-17)
Shay Sweeney, PhD (2017-18)
Nicole Curry (2018-19)
Hailey Buckley (2020)
Shane Davey (2021-22)

The following research assistants have contributed to this study:

Emily Andersen
Jordana Asch
Elizabeth Brandeau
Francesca Brzezicki
Hailey Buckley
Megan Chamberlin
Stacey Devlin
Sarah Devon
Justin Fiacconi
Alana Fletcher
Maria Fox
Rachel Friars
Hailey Hayes
Jennifer Hardwick
Emily Harrison
Abigail Hicks
Domingos Junior
Katherine Law
Lauren Luchenski
Benny Macdonald
Rebecca Olakpa
Kathleen Oliver
Kaitlyn Pottekkat
Jessica Rossi
Jaspreet Tambar
Michael Thomas
Sydney Turnbull
Evan Wainio
Matthew Yablonski
Hirofumi Yamasaki