Unpublished Addresses and Formal Lectures

  1. “Typographical Design.” Six lectures. Kingston, spring 1952.
  2. “Modern Poetry.” University Women's Association. Mar 1953.
  3. “Stitching and Unstitching: the Making of a Poem.” [1956: date uncertain].
  4. “The History of Hopkin's `Wreck of the Deutschland'.” Salisbury Poetry Circle, 26 Apr 1957.
  5. “An Alchemical Retort.” Conference on Science and the Arts at Cumberland Lodge, Windsor Park, England, Apr 1957.
  6. “The Place of an English Department in an Arts Faculty.” Queen's Alumni Association, Guelph, Oct 1958.
  7. “An Arts Faculty in a Scientific Age.” Ontario Agricultural College, Guelph, Oct 1958.
  8. “Theories of Knowledge: Feeling and Dreaming.” Philosophy Club, Queen's University, [Feb 1958: data uncertain].
  9. “Wise-cracking: the Forgeries of Thomas J. Wise.” Saturday Club, winter 1958-9.
  10. “Typographical Design.” Five lectures: a second series. Kingston Oct-Nov 1960.
  11. “John Hornby and Olwen Newell.” Humanities Association, [1961: data uncertain].
  12. “The Classic Spirit.” Classics Section of the Ontario Educational Association, 6 Apr 1961.
  13. Memorial to Rabindranath Tagore on the Centenary of his Birth. Queen's University, May 1961.
  14. “Literary Theories of Symbolism and their relation to Theological Interpretation.” Theological Conference, Queen's University, 19 Oct 1961.
  15. Commencements Address, Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute, Kingston, 4 Nov 1961.
  16. “Man Against Himself”. Daconian Society, Queen's University, 10 Nov 1961.
  17. "Coleridge Unlabyrinthed." Public Lecture at University of Wisconsin, spring 1962.
  18. “Science and Humanities.” Public Lecture at Royal Military College. [Feb 1963: data uncertain].
  19. “A Place of Liberty: Fantasy Impromptu on a Secular Theme.” Introductory address to the Graduate Day, Nov 1964.
  20. “Academic Government.” Panel on University Government, Ontario Federation of Secondary School Teachers, annual meeting, Scarborough, spring 1965.
  21. “Techling: a Sketch for an expository language.” Saturday Club, [1965: data uncertain].
  22. “I Mean to Say.” Symposium on Communications Theory and Signal Processing. Queen's University, 21 June 1966.
  23. “Coleridge's Marginalia.” University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Oct 1966.
  24. “Yeats and the Integrity of Language.” York University, 23 Jan 1967.
  25. “The Untidiness of Literary Computing.” Queen's Computing Centre, 16 Nov 1967.
  26. “On Coleridge's Marginalia.” Birkbeck College, London, Nov 1967.
  27. “The Unseen Coleridge.” Royal Society of Literature, London, 23 May 1968. Tredegar Memorial Lecture. Part published in 2.42.
  28. “Writing The Legend of John Hornby.” The Arctic Circle, Ottawa, 12 Nov 1968.
  29. “On Editing Coleridge.” Graduate seminar. Trent University, 22 Nov 1968.
  30. “Poetry and Social Revolution.” Humanities Association, 27 Nov 1968.
  31. “Aristotle's Poetics.” An open seminar. Trent University, 27 Jan 1970.
  32. “Writing about the Arctic.” Carleton University, 2 Mar 1970.
  33. “Criticism and Poetics.” Open seminar. Carleton University, 3 Mar 1970.
  34. Open seminars on Yeats, and on literary criticism. Trent University, 16 Oct 1970.
  35. “Poetic Process.” English Forum, Queen's University, 26 Oct 1970.
  36. “War Poetry.” Humanities Association, Queen's University, 27 Oct 1970.
  37. “The Classics: Revivers of Language and Literature.” Trent University, 14 Apr 1971.
  38. “How to Read a Poem.” English Forum, Queen's University, 27 Oct 1971.
  39. "Where are English Studies Going?" ACCUTE, Queen's University, 19 May 1973.
  40. "Some Recollections of Oggie Glass." Celebration Honouring Oggie Glass, 15 Jul 1973. [GW not in attendance. Read by someone else.]
  41. "The Moon Has Come to Full." Convocation Address, Carleton University, 1 June 1977.
  42. "Nothing But A Book." "The Written Word Symposium," The Royal Society of Canada. National Library of Canada and The University of Ottawa. 29 Mar 1980.